About Me

 Plein Air   Outdoor Painter

colorphotoI live in Alexandria, Virginia close to the Potomac River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay and then into the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up along the Pacific Ocean, in La Jolla, California, and began painting at an early age. I feel the most free when I paint outdoors whether I paint deserts, cities, mountains, farms, docks, rivers, or beaches.

Oil Painter

When I paint I connect with changing light, the color of the landscape, and movement. I focus on abstract shapes and forms that create a whole. The fluidity of oil paint is well-suited to my personality and I enjoy applying it thickly, moving it around as a form of my expression.

Professional Artist

I compete in numerous juried shows and plein air competitions. In doing so, I have received many honors and awards. If you’d like to view my bio and a listing of selected awards, juried shows, and plein air events click here.